Saturday, March 27, 2010

random thought ......

just a random thought started with a poem but don't knw where its heading ! !

Chala Hu Main Apni Kahani Banane....... Koi Nahi Hai Par,
Haath Hai Thama Zindagi Ka,.......Zindagi Nibhanay.

Jee Sakta Hu Main Akela
Chala Hu Main Ye Zamane Ko Batane

Darr To Lagta Hai Akele Pan Se..
Par Darr ko Darna Padega Mere Deewane Pan Se..

Ujalon Ne Saath Choda Hai…
To Main Chala Hu Andheron Me Samane

Chala Hu Main Apni Kahani Banane.
Gam Hi Gam Hain Pade Pasare..
Dard Ki Koi Nahi Dawa Yeh Dard Hi Ban jaatain Hai Sahare

----------------------ek simat ta Shoonya--------------


  1. you know only when you can make the reader get shiver in and out of their are considered as a gr8 writer..! n trust me your surely one of them for me... :) :)

  2. Thanks Sis......:) .....for the constant love support n criticism